Phil Demmel- MachineHead- Mayhem Fest 7-10-2011-Bay Area Backstage

Mayhem Fest- 7-10-2011
Three Stages Like a Three Ring Metal Circus.
Sunburns,Ringing Ears ,Headbanging and Moshing.
This Bill was great but I would Have loved to see Megadeth and Testament in the dark for Mood and atmosphere.
That was the only kink in the program for me to be honest.

The Jagermeister and Revolver Stages were in the Parking lot at the Shoreline.Kingdom Of Sorrow =Hatebreed and Crowbar they join forces like the Legion Of Doom and Blast some Sonic mayhem.It was loud and fun,The first highlight of the day.Next Act Unearth.Unearth is a Metal Machine .Unearth brings the fun and show like the heyday of rock and roll. Beer Bongs on stage ,Amp Jumps,Crazy Guitar Leads and crowd surfing while playing guitar.Unearth is a band you have to see live.Unearth punches the daylights out of you like a Grade School Bully.Trivium was on last at the Jagermeister Stage.The Revolver Stage? good times I caught Suicide Silence and Testament.Bay Area Thrash is still in style .

Testament one of the Pioneers of the Bay Area Thrash sound. I remember a Show at the One Step beyond in Santa Clara in the 80's.Testament and Megadeth were on that Bill.Like A weird Time warp they are on the bill in 2011. This combo is the reason I hit this concert.I still feel the same and this go round i am not sporting a Mullet.MachineHead played the mainstage of the Shoreline for the first time today.They had a Cool Locust type backdrop and Rocked their Home town.They had Family and Friends in the crowd and did not let anyone down. I look forward to the new Music.I interviewed Phil and From what he said the Lyrics will be stellar.The Idea of Fame and An Insect that feeds off you then abandons you to the next victim host. It was interesting. He also wrote some songs about hope and explained that everyone in his family received a Bible verse and his was special to him .Hope Folks the stuff that keeps us alive..You get the extreme and MachineHead is extreme.The are really talented and I am proud that they are from the Bay Area.

Megadeth played their music and was my favorite band on the Bill.I was supposed to do an interview with Dave E but it was called off. The band was flying in from Europe and press was not an option.I could see or hear no problems with jetlag or any other issues. The band rocked Period.I caught very little of Godsmack and Disturbed.I have seen those bands many many times and was done during their sets. I was hitting the shots with Unearth on their tourbus.Godsmack I waited for Voodoo then went back on the Tourbus.Disturbed Waa ah ah Down with the Sickness not a Bad Radio tune.Same Scenario hear a radio song then back on the Bus .This Festival is four years old and I hope next year they go outside of the box.Pull some crazy headliner and supporting cast.
Today the metal Masses were out in force wearing Black in the hot sun
I was happy to see this huge crowd of all ages enjoying the music.
Metal Music will never die.
I lives on Like A Locust it will feed on the masses.