Charred Walls of the Damned - "Zerospan" Metal Blade Records

Charred Walls of the Damned video "Zerospan" from the album "Cold Winds On Timeless Days". "Zerospan" was directed and edited by Mike Schiff (Charred Wall's previous 'Ghost Town' video) and Sean McEwen (Albino Farm) with special effects/make up by Brian Spears and Pete Gerner from G and S Effects (Stakeland). The lead actor in the video is Bryan Haeffele.

Skrillex Daft 65 Metal Remix

Hi guys! This is a video I had in mind a long time ago. Besides my heavy metal and hard rock influences, I like Skrillex, Daft punk (already did a Daft Punk metal medley) and Eiffel 65 (yeah, the guys who sang "Blue"), so here is my version of 3 of these artists tracks in my style! Enjoy ;) and thanks 4 ur constant support! U rock!
Charlie Parra del Riego

Inspired in:
Skrillex - Scary monsters and nice sprites
Daft Punk - Da funk
Eiffel 65 - Blue (da ba dee)

Iron Maiden - En Vivo! Steel Book DVD Trailer

Trailer for the Steel Book DVD format of Iron Maiden's 'En Vivo!', out March 26th 2012. To get your copy and for more information visit:

ATOMA - Bermuda Riviera | Napalm Records

AtomA -- Skylight:

Goodbye Planet Earth....

An atmospheric journey to the ends of the universe. The breath-taking cover of "Skylight" makes it clear from the beginning where the journey comprising 10 tracks will lead to. AtomA places the infinite reaches of the universe at the feet of their fans, presenting an atmospheric apocalyptic epos. As Planet Earth has become inhospitable, a group of astronauts take on the unexplored cosmos in search of a new home for mankind. In order to relate their tale, the Swedish trio create a synthesized sound sphere deeply anchored on a driving rock foundation. 

The songs evoke ethereal and electronic details that provide the complexity necessary to transform this release into a spectacular journey of discovery across the solar system. The masterful songwriting and the attention to detail are especially apparent on songs like "Resonance", the title track "Skylight", and "Rainmen". AtomA's "Skylight" is a post rock/metal album that will make an adventurous astronaut out of anyone who listens, and allow them to take on the future fate of man. Goodbye, Planet Earth...

Music Man Neck Through Guitar Design

Ernie Ball was the first to offer rock strings with the creation of Slinkys, and further revolutionized the market by offering guitarists Custom-Gauge single strings. The Ernie Ball Company also produces Music Man guitars and basses, volume pedals, and other accessories. The company's strings and accessories are available in more than 6,000 music stores throughout the U.S. The company also exports to 82 countries.

The New Royalty - "Here I Go" Leader Records

Bree Iafelice - Vocals
Trevor Smith - Guitar
Kyle Davis - Bass
Nick Iafelice - Guitar
Ricky Joyce - Drums

MINISTRY - 99 Percenters (2012) // official video

MINISTRY "99 Percenters" is taken from the new album "Relapse", to be released on March 23rd (Europe) and 26th (USA).

MINISTRY "99 Percenters" is taken from the new album "Relapse", to be released on March 23rd (Europe) and 26th (USA).

OUTLOUD διασυρμος on tour!!!

τουρ φουτατζ φρομ δε ροουντ γουιθ ΑΟΥΤΛΑΟΥΝΤ!!!

Chandlerakis Mogelopoulos-Sverdonios-Achilleas "Φίδης" Diamantis-Takis "Symphorizer" Intas
...and Kats Bobionis on camera

WORDS OF FAREWELL - Ever After (2012) // official lyric video / AFM Records

Lyric video for the song "Ever After", taken from the upcoming WORDS OF FAREWELL debut album "Immersion" (release date: March 30)

Video filmed and edited by Alexander Otto.
visit WORDS OF FAREWELL's Youtube channel:

Despite Exile - "Perfection Neutralized" BlankTV Premiere!

"Perfection Neutralized" is the second song taken from the new 'Re.Evolve' EP. Since forming in 2010 in Udine, Italy, to bring a fresh sound onto the scene, DESPITE EXILE wasted no time building a viral buzz around the band's brand of groove. "Perfection Neutralized" shows the band's chops with an array of tight musicianship, [mosh approved] breakdowns and plenty of memorable melodies, making these Italians one of the most promising acts in the progressive/deathcore scene of today.

Band Name: Despite Exile
Song Title: Perfection Neutralized
Album Title: Re.Evolve (EP)
Director Name: Andrea Larosa
Director Link:
Producer: Marco Badini
Merch/Store Link:

Nightwish: "Amaranth" Live

Ensiferum Studio Diary: Week 4

Ensiferum is recording their 5th studio album. This videoseries gives you a sneak preview of the recording process. This week Markus and Pete record more guitars and throw in a foreign string instrument. Stay tuned for more videos from Ensiferum's time spent at the recording studios.

Nightwish: Taikatalvi & Storytime LIVE

Jyväskylä, Finland, 9. March, 2012

ACCEPT - European Tourtrailer 2012

No rest for the Teutonic ACCEPT.
To promote their upcoming Album (stay tuned) ACCEPT will hit the stages in Spring 2012.
See below for dates, Ticket sales have already started. More information on

06.04.12 Paris (F), Bataclan
07.04.12 Mons (BE), PPM Fest
08.04.12 Schijndel (N), Paaspop Festival
10.04.12 Kempten (GER), Big Box
11.04.12 Filderstadt (GER), Pilharmonie
13.04.12 Straubing (GER), Messehalle
14.04.12 Geiselwind (GER), Event Center
15.04.12 Pratteln (CH), Z7
17.04.12 Oberhausen (GER), Turbinenhalle
18.04.12 Hamburg (GER), Große Freiheit
19.04.12 Berlin (GER), Huxleys
21.04.12 Zlin (CZ), Euronics
22.04.12 Warsaw (PL), Stodola
24.04.12 Rostov (RUS), Officers Hall of Culture
25.04.12 Ekaterinburg (RUS), Cosmos Concert Hall
28.04.12 Moscow (RUS), Milk

SAVATAGE "Edge Of Thorns" (HD) Official Video

The original video for Savatage´s EDGE OF THORNS, in high quality, directly from the original master tapes.

Nightwish - Making of Imaginaerum documentary trailer

Full documentary is only available on Imaginaerum Tour Edition release!

Get your copy and see how one of the most ambitious projects in rock history was made! This spectacular hour and a half long "Making of Imaginaerum" documentary gives you an inside look to the recordings of the album and the movie. Documentary includes loads of never before seen Nightwish footage!

Seedevil Band

Seedevil was formed in October of 2009 as Jiva, in Greece by George Charitos, Panos Stavragelos, Spyros Stavragelos and George Karastergios in order to present and express all of their ideas and influences about their music style (Alternative-Metal).

Vocals-Guitar: Panos Stavragelos
Guitars: Spyros Stavragelos
Bass: George Karastergios
Drums: George Charitos 

Youtube videos-songs: 

MetallicaTV - Orion Music + More Trailer

Orion Music + More
June 23 + 24, 2012
Atlantic City, NJ - Bader Field

BEFORE THE DAWN - Phoenix Rising (official video)

The official video clip for the first single "Phoenix Rising", taken from BEFORE THE DAWN's upcoming melodic death metal sledgehammer "Rise Of The Phoenix" (OUT on April 27).

Video and editing by OneManArmy Productions

All video footage was shot by:
Markus Resi
Shelley Jambresic
Diana / Sunvemetal
Audrey Dujardin

Junius - "All Shall Float" (official music video)

This is the official video for Junius' "All Shall Float," from their 2011 album "Reports From The Threshold of Death." It was filmed during the group's North American tour with Enslaved and Alcest.

Summer of Freud

Οι Summer of Freud είναι μια pop/punk-rock μπάντα από την Καστοριά. 
To συγκρότημα ιδρύθηκε το 2003 όταν τα μέλη του ήθελαν να μετατρέψουν την νεανική τους τρέλλα σε κάτι δημηουργικό.
Ο Σωτήρης (Κιθάρα), ο Δημήτρης (Κιθάρα,Φωνητικά), ο Μάριος (Ντράμς) ο Ζήσης (Μπάσο, Φωνητικά) και ο Οδυσσέας (Φωνητικά) αποτελούν το συγκρότημα το οποίο άλλαξε αρκετά πρόσωπα κατα το πέρασμα των χρόνων μέχρι σήμερα.
Έπιρροή για τους Summer of Freud υπήρξαν πολλές Αμερικάνικες κυρίως μπάντες του ίδιου στύλ όπως οι Blink 182, Green day, New found glory κλπ.
Με το πέρασμα των χρόνων οι Summer of Freud έχουν κάνει Live εμφανίσεις σε όλα σχεδόν τα μαγαζιά της Καστοριάς όπως Stardust, Rock tale, Blue note, σε μουσικά Φεστιβάλ όπως River party, Golden Appe, Φεστιβάλ του Άρδα κλπ.
Το 2012 θα κυκλοφορήσει νεο CD-EP με τιτλο WE'LL GET THERE ... EVENTUALLY
με τρια νεα τραγουδια νεα τραγουδια και ενα επανεκτελεσμενο

STAIND - Eyes Wide Open (Official Video HD)

earacherecords UPLOADED At The Gates - FULL SHOW!! - Live at Wacken 2008 (1:14:21)