SARATAN sign with Massacre Records!

Polish metallers SARATAN have inked a deal with Massacre Records!

The band was formed by Jarosław Niemiec, Wiktor Niemiec, Adam Augustyński and Maciek Dudek in 2003 in Kraków, Poland. After some line-up changes, the band started recording a demo entitled "Infected With Life" in December 2005 at the ZED Studio with Tomek Zalewski, which received very good reviews in heavy metal magazines and webzines across the world.

One year later the band decided to record their first full-length album "The Cult Of Vermin", which was released in April 2008 via the Italian label My Kingdom Music.

The second album "Antireligion" followed in June 2010.

SARATAN toured with bands such as Sadist, Virgin Snatch and Crionics.

The band’s upcoming third album, entitled “Martya Xwar”, is going to be released on November 23rd via Massacre Records!

Dream Theater Road Report

Metallica - Orion Music & More Day 1 Recap (Live - Atlantic City, NJ) - MetOnTour

Recap of some of the day's events, including The Call Of Ktulu and Escape from the show.

Documentary - Metal From Hellas

 Metal From Hellas is a film made by Nick Papakostas and Panagiotis Simopoulos as a project they had for the Technological Institute of Music Technology & Acoustics. It's the history of Greek Heavy Metal from the 80s to today. English subtitles made and embeded by me to be easier to watch by metalheads who don't speak Greek. Many thanx to Nick for the permission to upload it. I hope you enjoy it, despite my shitty English. Heavy metal re mounia!

As I Lay Dying "Cauterize" (LYRIC VIDEO)

As I Lay Dying's "Cauterize" Lyric Video from the album "Awakened". Video by Josh Knoff:


Η πρωτοπόρα και πιο επιτυχημένη βραδιά-μουσικό αφιέρωμα, που αισίως κλείνει 2 χρόνια ζωης, στο χωρο του μελωδικού HARD ROCK/A.O.R συνεχίζει έτσι όπως...ξεκίνησε!

Όλες οι νέες κυκλοφορίες, πολλα σπάνια videos και live εκτελέσεις...

Κάθε Τρίτη μόνο στο Bat City

Έναρξη: 21:00
Είσοδος: Ελεύθερη

Bat City Club
Leoforos Alexandras 11, Athens, Greece

The Unforgiving Tour Vlog: video #20

Follow Within Temptation during their South America "The Unforgiving" tour with this vlog!

Here's the second vlog video, Lima!

Video made by: Eelco Ladan

More info on Within Temptation's most significant event ever:

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IN THIS MOMENT - "Blood" (Music Video Teaser)

IN THIS MOMENT - "Blood" (Music Video Teaser). Video drops July 9th!

David Ellefson of MEGADETH in Moscow Russia 2012

TANKARD - Video Shoot (A Girl Called Cerveza)

Behind the scenes footage of the video shoot for the soon to be released "A Girl Called Cerveza" clip.

Deathwood - "The Victim" Official Music Video

Deathwood is an Italian Horror Punk Band formed in April 2011, by Pasquale Turco (vocals and bass), Marco Polce (guitar), Gildo Guerrieri (drums) and Julien Leboucher (guitar).
Immediately putting together their first songs, and in summer 2011 they play in several Italian gigs with italian bands like Bones Bag (punk rock from sulmona) and X State Ride(Melodic Hardcore from reggio emilia). In April 2012 they enter in the ACME recording studio of Davide Rosati, and recorded their first EP which will be released in summer 2012.
In May 2012 ,they record a video of their first single "The Victim" directed by Davide Cilloni of Eklipse Design, and start an italian tour during the summer 2012.


Live teaser clip taken from the multi-disc set, IRON WILL: 20 YEARS DETERMINED. This performance was filmed at Summer Breeze Festival 2011 and was the band's 20th Anniversary show in front of 30k people!

Firewind interview @ Download 2012

GetYourRockOut and Phoenix Radio interview the fantastic Firewind at Download Festival 2012


The official lyric video for KORPIKLAANI's brand-new track "Honor," which is the English version of the track "Kunnia."

"Honor" is taken from the European 2-CD Digipak version of the upcoming 8th studio album MANALA, which is out on August 3rd (EU) and 14, 2012 (NA) via Nuclear Blast Records.

Cover artwork by Jan Yrlund (
Photos by Harri Hinkka, edited by Jan Yrlund.

"Kunnia," the original Finnish version of the track will appear on the regular CD version of MANALA and can be heard at

DAVIDIAN - Fake Society - Videoclip

Allegaeon "Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst" guitar demonstration

Allegaeon guitarists Greg Burgess and Ryan Glisan perform "Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst" from their album "Formshifter".


ASCENDING TO INFINITY to be released on JUNE 22, 2012 by NUCLEAR BLAST

Get your copy of the album now at:

Find the official video of the single DARK FATE OF ATLANTIS at:

Purchase the video or the complete album version of the single DARK FATE OF ATLANTIS at:


Mårten Hagström of Meshuggah discussing the Ibanez M8M signature 8-string guitar

Marten Hagstrom from Meshuggah discusses at length the inspiration and features of the new M8M signature guitar. Manufactured in a small facility in Japan with the highest regard to material selection and craftsmanship, the Ibanez M8M is the premier 8-string guitar for today's metal musician.

Bad Salad - Song #02 Demo (NEMESIS) - Instrumental Section

Originally uploaded on October 2009. Shortly before we released "Nemesis" (the full song, which this section was a part of) I made this video private to avoid spoiling the release too much. Now that I've made it back public Youtube changed the "publish" date to 6/8/2012.***

Listen to the Full-Song (NEMESIS) here:

Join BAD SALAD on facebook:

Original video description from 2009:
"Thiago and Felipe Campos jamming on the instrumental section of one of Bad Salad's demo songs. We refer to this song as Song #02 and it is aprox. 11min long in it's entirety. The final version will include vocals and keyboards. We weren't going to put up any Bad Salad stuff until an oficial release, but we can't contain ourselves. ;) Hope you enjoy it!"

TERROR - Keepers Of The Faith (Full Length Documentary)

TERROR - Keepers Of The Faith (Full Length Documentary). Pick up the record at:
CM Distro -
iTunes -


Directing: Denis Goria
Mixing and mastering: Anton Kabanen
Audio recording: Kimmo Ahola

Nitte Valo: lead vocals
Anton Kabanen: lead guitar and vocals
Juuso Soinio: rhythm guitar
Eero Sipilä: bass and vocals
Janne Björkroth: keyboard and vocals
Pyry Vikki: drums



MORGOTH - Body Count (OFFICIAL LIVE TRACK). Taken from the album "Cursed To Live". Century Media 2012.

Video Review - Carvin Steve Vai VL300 Legacy 3 Amp

Mike Portnoy, Brian Tichy & Michael Devin: Backstage Bonham Q&A, Part 2 of 2

Immediately after the Bonham Birthday Bash at House Of Blues in Hollywood, California, on May 31, 2012, where nearly two dozen pro drummers had just finished celebrating Bonzo's birth 64 years ago with their heartfelt renditions of classic Led Zeppelin tunes, we cornered event organizer and current Whitesnake drummer Brian Tichy in one of the backstage dressing rooms to talk about what just transpired and to hear a little about his love for the man of the hour, John Bonham.

In this clip, Tichy's Whitesnake bandmate and bassist for the evening's backing band, The Moby Dicks, Michael Devin, joined in for a spirited discussion on iconic rhythm sections and playing by feel. And if that wasn't enough, we collared current DRUM! cover boy and avowed Bonham fanatic Mike Portnoy on his way through, who was eager to show off his Zeppelin tats and share some thoughts on the man of the hour.

CRYSTAL VIPER - Witch's Mark (2012) // official clip

CRYSTAL VIPER "Witch's Mark"
Taken from the album "Crimen Excepta" LP/CD 2012
(P) & (C) AFM Records

Music & lyrics by Marta Gabriel
Produced by Bart Gabriel

In Solitude "To Her Darkness" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

In Solitude's video "To Her Darkness" from the album "The World.The Flesh.The Devil". Directed by Johan Baath.

Charlie Parra del Riego - Frenzy (NEW SONG)

Thanks to Infidelamsterdam
I'm moving to:

Hey guys! Here's Frenzy! My latest video and last song from my first CD. Sorry for the delay, I know I haven't been uploading that much!!! Thanks a lot for your constant support, you guys rock!!!
Download this song on itunes :)
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Enjoy the official lyric video for KORPIKLAANI's brand-new song `Kunnia´, taken from their upcoming 8th studio album "Manala" (out on the 3rd of August 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records).

Cover artwork by Jan Yrlund (
Photos by Harri Hinkka, edited by Jan Yrlund.

Click here for `Honor´ - the English version of the song as it will appear on the limited Digipak bonus CD of "Manala":

Rig Rundown - Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea

PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Rosemont, IL, at the Allstate Arena where she catches up with Tracy Robar, tech for the Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist Flea. In this Rig Rundown, we get to see what Flea is currently using on the I'm With You Tour, which includes Modulus Basses, Gallien Krueger amps and cabs, GHS Strings, and various pedals from MXR, Malekko, Moog, and Electro-Harmonix.

For more Rig Rundowns or to watch one of Premier Guitar's 1700 other videos online, be sure to visit

TANKARD - "A Girl Called Cerveza" - track-by-track Part 1

Let Gerre - front man of legendary German alcoholic thrash metallers TANKARD - give you a first impression of the band's upcoming 30-years-anniversary record "A Girl Called Cerveza" (out on July 27)! In this first part of the track-by-track, he gives you further information on the idea behind the songs "Running On Fumes" , "A Girl Called Cerveza" and "Witch Hunt 2.0". Stay tuned for part 2!

Pre-order "A Girl Called Cerveza" at the Nuclear Blast web shop:

Cobus - My Bass Drum Technique (Drum Lesson)

Empire - "God Favors The Brave" Official Music Video

Director: Dillon Pearce

Empire performing in their debut clip for "God Favors The Brave"

Twitter: @ausempire

Recorded and mixed at Everland productions Melbourne Australia:

Kota Nakamura - Guitars
Luke Baird - Bass
Oresti Salter - Drums
Josh Devine - Guitars
Nick Dinneen - Vocals

ATOMA - Rainmen | Napalm Records

AtomA -- Skylight:
Goodbye Planet Earth....
An atmospheric journey to the ends of the universe. The breath-taking cover of "Skylight" makes it clear from the beginning where the journey comprising 10 tracks will lead to. AtomA places the infinite reaches of the universe at the feet of their fans, presenting an atmospheric apocalyptic epos. 

As Planet Earth has become inhospitable, a group of astronauts take on the unexplored cosmos in search of a new home for mankind. In order to relate their tale, the Swedish trio create a synthesized sound sphere deeply anchored on a driving rock foundation. The songs evoke ethereal and electronic details that provide the complexity necessary to transform this release into a spectacular journey of discovery across the solar system. 

The masterful songwriting and the attention to detail are especially apparent on songs like "Resonance", the title track "Skylight", and "Rainmen". AtomA's "Skylight" is a post rock/metal album that will make an adventurous astronaut out of anyone who listens, and allow them to take on the future fate of man. Goodbye, Planet Earth...


PERIPHERY - Periphery II (ALBUM TRAILER EUROPE). Century Media Records 2012.

The new album "Periphery II" will be released in Europe as following:
Digital: July 2nd, 2012
CD/ Digipak: July 16th, 2012

Metallica - Of Wolf And Man (Live - Paris, France) - MetOnTour

Band going over the new Sandman part, pre-show huddle, and Of Wolf And Man from the show. For setlist & photos, go to